The Relaunch of Iconic Designs

Hawk House Home is rooted in the rich traditions and history of the Los Angeles mid-century design movement.  In 1948, artist Stan Hawk and his wife Ethyle moved into a home designed by noted architect Harwell Hamilton Harris in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.  They named the home “Hawk House,” and soon began designing and selling home items under the same name.   Their designs were popular in the 1950s and epitomized mid-century living with simple yet distinctive home and garden products.

Sadly, Hawk House ceased operations in 1958 with the death of Stan Hawk. With no children and no one to continue designing for the brand, the brand died with Stan Hawk’s death.  Despite the fact that the company ceased operations, the original remaining pieces made and sold by the Hawks continue to be sought after by in-the-know collectors of modernist and mid-century goods.  You can also find some of these pieces, such as the Barbecue Brazier, in institutions like the Museum of Modern Art and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  

Hawk House Today

The revival and contemporary iteration of Hawk House, 64 years after the original brand ceased operations, was initiated by longtime friends Bryan Libit and Alison Cassorla. Bryan has a background in design and architecture, complimenting Alison’s experience in hospitality and travel.

When Bryan purchased a home in Silver Lake, he had no idea it was the Hawk House until he began restoring the structure in 2019.  To his pleasant surprise, he came across Stan and Ethyle’s original designs, drawings and photos from their home furnishings line.  As Bryan researched the Hawks and the history of the home, his admiration for the Hawk House style and the short-lived company grew.  Bryan even succeeded in obtaining historic landmark status for the home in 2020.  

Bryan’s personal connection to the Hawk House home and affinity for mid-century American design led him and his partner Alison to create a company inspired by the Hawk House design style.  Together, they embarked on a journey to bring their updated take on the iconic designs to a new audience.  These new Hawk House Home products embody the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that was so prevalent during the mid-century period in California.  Honoring Hawk House’s heritage and reimagining it for today is the mission of their company.